Garage Sales

Are Permits required to hold a garage sale?
Fredon Township does not require a permit to have a garage sale, but there are some regulations that must be followed

Are signs advertising a garage sale permitted?
Yes, but each year this office receives complaints about signs that are not removed following “garage sales.” Signs remaining in various locations around town are not only unsightly but also a violation of the sign ordinance. All signs must be removed immediately following the sale.

Is an ongoing garage sale permitted?
Another problem that arose this past year was the “garage sale” that continued over several consecutive weekends. Garage sales are not permitted to operate in the same location on a weekly basis and to do so would require a variance for a business use and a site plan because it is considered a business.

If you have additional questions please contact the Code Enforcement Officer, Allison Larocca at 973-383-7025, Ext. #333.