Office of Emergency Management

Each municipality has emergency management coordinators who interact at the local level with police, fire, EMS, public works, public health, schools, etc. The Fredon OEM Coordinator is Keith Festa.

Preparing for and carrying out all emergency functions—also known as comprehensive emergency management—is accomplished in four phases.

The County’s Office of Emergency Management has developed a county-wide pre-disaster all-hazards mitigation plan that has identified hazards and vulnerabilities in all of Sussex County’s twenty four municipalities.

The division also oversees two community alert programs, Swift911™ and Register Ready, that are of tremendous service to the public. Emergency Alert Service

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Every resident with a power outage should report to JCP&L, the more calls they receive the higher the priority of repair. JCP&L Outages To Report: 1-888-LIGHTSS; 1-888-544-4877   

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When your home’s exterior electrical system is damaged, it’s important to know who is responsible. Click here to see who owns what.

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Emergency Management Coordinator

Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator

Chris Nichols

Township Committee Liaison/Deputy Coordinator