Open Space Commission

In an effort to preserve Fredon’s rural character, the Open Space Commission was formed in the spring of 2006. The mission of this group is to identify and prioritize land parcels for preservation, make recommendation to the township committee, and develop partnerships with allied organizations. The group focuses on land that preserves agriculture, scenic views, water quality, wildlife, and passive/active recreation. The funds to support the purchases or preservation of land are generated by the Open Space Tax. In 2008, the Township Committee reduced the Open Space Tax from 2 cents to 1 cent per $100,000 of the revised assessed value of a home, and it was reduced again to 1/2 a cent in 2009.

In 2007, the township acquired 35.9 acres, now known as Coursen’s Meadows, across from Lodestar Park. The township then acquired a 16.5-acre parcel adjacent to Lodestar Park in 2009. This project was funded through the support of the county, with very little outlay from Fredon Township's Open Space Trust account. By protecting this property, the township expanded our existing, central recreation area, preserved our cultural landscape, and provided part of a pathway from Lodestar Park to the Paulinskill Trail.

Several preservation mechanisms are available, aside from outright purchases of land, and many of them keep the land under private ownership and control. Please contact any member of the Open Space Commission or the Township offices if you are considering land preservation or have any questions. 2016 Open Space Commission members are John Heine, Chairperson, Jeff Crisman, Moira Kenah, Larry Lawson, Debbie Prommel, Joan Riccardi and Dave Greene.