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Boy Scout Troop Troop 92 Invitation

Boy Scout Troop Troop 92 Invitation »

Do you have a youth interested in joining an active
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Thursday night at the Township Committee Regular meeting, school board representatives presented their school budget. I would like to thank Dr. Brian Kitchin for his leadership as well as the B.A. and the School Board for doing what the town wanted; changing the direction of an out of control budget.

Through consolidation of positions, the removal of a bathroom reno project and proper planning for big ticket items in the next two years, the budget is modest compared to previous budgets and the Committee found this budget to be sound, that was a unanimous opinion.

Never was it the objective of the petitioners, committee or taxpayers the hurt the school budget, the objective of bringing the budget under control in happening, in this budget that objective has been met.

Most thanks to John Niemasz for bring this change under great pressure, We all owe him thanks for his years on the board and helping with this new positive direction.


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