Keepers of Coursens Corners

     A volunteer group, Keepers of Coursen's Corners, was formed in 2001 to begin the process of restoration.  Since then, by their hard work and with contributions from interested local citizens, the following has been accomplished:
  • 10 major and 2 small rooms have been repaired, repainted and refurnished. 
  • The kitchen has been restored to its original period.  It is beautifully decorated and is a perfect backdrop for holiday pictures.  An authentically dressed “Santa” visits in early December for this purpose.  
  • The open-hearth fireplace and beehive oven are fully operational.  A replicated cold cellar offers a glimpse of early 19th Century living.
  • A second-floor library offers many materials on Fredon History as well as resources for learning restoration “best-practices”
  • A window from the restored stairway looks into the sleeping loft, decorated as a child would use it.
  • We have an artifact room showing Native American pieces.
  • Future rooms will include a farm implement display and a sewing/ weaving room featuring period costumes and a working loom. 
     The first plantings of the garden are now blooming and flourishing.  The Central Sussex Garden Club maintains the gardens and has expanded the beds.
 A “Pollinator Garden” is planned for the near future to highlight the importance of supporting beneficial wildlife.
The privy has been repaired and stores tools for the Club.
     We are forever grateful to Chimney Savers for completely restoring the open fireplace chimney so that we now offer cooking demonstrations in the hearth and beehive oven.
Donations for ongoing work are gratefully accepted.  Please make checks payable to: Keepers of Coursens Corners and please include your name and mailing address so that we may thank you.
     We are open periodically during the year with a Living History Day, Pictures with Santa, Twelfth Night and in the Spring.  Watch the Town Sign for details.  Additionally, we offer tours by appointment.  Please call President Linda Chirip at 973-579-9119 to arrange a tour

Board Members

Marjorie Banghart
Jane Butz
Una Lee Williams
Don Thoenig
Mary Ann Lindholm
Linda Chirip
Kayla Chirip
Hildegard Schleyer
Joy Sullivan
Ginny Richardson