New Resident Guide

Light Beam on a Meadow Fredon Township

About the Township

Learn more about the township and surrounding area.

Dog Licensing

State law requires all dogs over 7 months to be licensed with current rabies vaccination.

Election Information

Find election dates and locations, and how to register to vote and request mail-in ballots.

Emergency Services

Find local emergency services information and links.


Find information about garbage service.

Post Offices

Fredon Township does not have its own Post office. Mail is delivered from the Newton NJ post office zip code so a mailing addresses for Fredon residents use 07860 the Newton Zip code.

Radon Information

Find important information about radon and radon testing.


Find information about recycling.


Find information about the local schools.

Septic Information

Care for your septic system.

Tax Collector's Office

The Collection Department is responsible for processing billing and payments for taxes.

Township Calendar

Find upcoming events within the township.

Township Directory

Find contact information for township staff and departments.

Utilities & Local Media

View links to local utilities and media.