Board of Health

The State of New Jersey mandates that each municipality have a Board of Health to serve its residents. The Township of Fredon contracts health services with the Sussex County Department of Environmental Health and Sanitation
Most Septic and Well Records can be found on Sussex County’s Public Documents Online Search. 
The Board of Health meets on an as needed schedule. The Township of Fredon issues yearly Food Establishment Licenses to all the businesses in the Township that serve or handle food. The Sussex County Health Department will inspect all of these businesses.

Rabies Prevention

The prevention of rabies in this state is an urgent health issue. Residents are required by law to vaccinate cats and dogs. Fredon Township holds a free rabies clinic for dogs and cats in April and November. Free rabies clinics are held in most other Townships in Sussex County at different times of the year (advertised in local newspapers). Any resident of the State and neighboring counties may use any of these facilities.

Local veterinarians will vaccinate animals for a fee of approximately $15. Dogs and cats are eligible for rabies vaccination at the age of four months. The initial shot has a duration of only one year. Subsequent shots are for three years. Do not allow a puppy or kitten outside unsupervised until it has received a vaccination. There have been numerous documented cases of rabies in raccoons, skunks, etc. in Fredon Township. Residents, especially children, are urged not to handle or approach any wild animals or stray dogs and cats. If a person is bitten or scratched, they should immediately wash the wound with soap and water and seek medical attention. In many cases, a series of injections are recommended as a precautionary measure. Also, it is very important to vaccinate domestic animals such as horses, sheep, etc. Questions should be directed to the Fredon Township Board of Health at 973-383-7025, Ext. 222 or Sussex County Health Department at 973-579-0370.

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is still prevalent in this area. Residents are encouraged to use insect repellent when working outdoors. Also, pets should be treated with flea and tick medication so that ticks will not come into the home. Pamphlets regarding Lyme Disease are available at the municipal building.

Bear Awareness

Pamphlets are available concerning “Encountering Bears” at the Township Municipal Office. Bear sightings have become much more prevalent in the past few years and it is important to know how to deal with them.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Patricia Carlson (973) 383-7025, ext. 222

Board Members

Name Title
Suzanne Boland Board of Health Secretary