Department of Public Works

The Road Department is responsible for all the roads that are owned by the Township of Fredon, which does NOT include County Road and State Highways. During the year, the Department conducts routine maintenance on the:
  • Roads
  • Storm drains
  • Municipally-owned buildings
In the winter, the Department is always busy with removal of snow and ice from the roadways. The Department trims brush in the Township right of ways, mows Township owned property, and provides maintenance of Township owned buildings. While the road department will clear roads of fallen trees, they will not handle trees that have fallen on wires, that is the responsibility of the utility company which owns the lines.

Just a Reminder….

Please keep in mind that Fredon Township Ordinances state that “no snow which accumulates within private property is to be thrown, placed or deposited upon the sidewalks, streets or public roads of the Township”. Additionally, please make sure that any private contractor plowing your driveway complies with this ordinance, as it is the property owners’ responsibility.

The Road Department asks  that residents check mailboxes to make sure that they are not on the Township’s right-of-way. In the past, there has been a problem in the maintenance of the roads and also during snow plowing. Please be advised that any improperly placed mailboxes or signs that are damaged as a result of road maintenance, etc., will NOT be replaced by the Township.

We would like to remind you that littering (dumping of garbage, tires, etc.) is illegal and punishable by fine. It is illegal to push snow on the roads and to park obstructing the snowplows. A fine will be assessed to anyone guilty of these infractions.

The trees and brush that overhang township roads must be maintained by residents, or the road department will be trimming those trees and bushes that interfere with the maintenance of township roads.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Should you have any concerns directly related to the road department, please contact the Department of Public Works Supervisor at 973-383-7025 x 900.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Matt Lambert Department of Public Works Supervisor (973) 383-8027