Now, For Some Good News!

Bulk Pick-up Rescheduled for May 21st
Bulk Pick-up Rescheduled for May 21st
Bulk Pick-up has been rescheduled from April to May 21st.  
Items may be put out as early as the Sunday before the bulk pick-up date, but no sooner. It ABSOLUTELY must be put out the NIGHT BEFORE the pick-up date - pick-up begins at 5 AM.
Bulk pick-up is not being picked up by your garbage hauler, so please do not ASSUME that if your garbage is still out there the bulk pick-up hauler has not been through the area.
Interior household bulk items such as stoves, refrigerators, furniture, carpets, etc., but not normal household garbage or bagged garbage. Building material, construction debris, outdoor items (except patio furniture) and tires will not be picked up! Bulk pick-up is not intended for whole-house clean-outs - please contact a hauler for a dumpster if needed.
~If it is small enough to fit in a garbage bag or can it is NOT bulk~
If you have any questions regarding bulk pickup, please contact the municipal building at 973-383-7025, Ext. 21.